Friday, November 15, 2013


I thought I'd posted this, so sorry i'm a little late. This shot was taken of the Barnard Castle Fireworks display at Green Lane School (the same place Nathan has football practice). There was a bonfire too, a 16' trojan Horse went up in flames. Apparently last years event at The Domains was cancelled because of horse lovers complaining, so it was a bit of a statement.
Anyway, I went into a neighboring field to take this shot, also causing me to save on the entry fee, that's my excuse anyway. It was pitch black, and me and Nicky struggled to set the tripod up, change lenses, add the shutter release cable etc etc all by the light of another camera's back panel I had on me.
It was pretty good. Barney is a pretty small town, so didn't know what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hutton Magna

We recently went to Hutton Magna, a tiny village with not much to it at all. The sort of place you blink and you've driven through it. There is one exception though: The News Box. The locals went and bought an old red telephone box from BT for the princely sum of £1, then converted it into a sort of mini library, full of books and magazines.
How did I find out all this? Hutton Magna is such a small but friendly place, that just standing around attracted some locals into telling us some of the history of the area.