Monday, August 26, 2013

Barney Busker Festival

There were about 5 acts at the busker festival from all over the world. The top act was from Ghana, then the balancing guy was from the USA, there was also a lady from Australia called California...confused?
And the bottom guy was from...Bristol! Unfortunately Nicky was too scared to use my new camera (so missed my debut) because this guy called me and another guy up to help in his fire juggling act. You see the rig behind him? He got on that to tightrope walk whilst juggling with a firebrand, a machete and a Tesco apple. I was helping keep the line taut, and it was physically knackering!
We didn't hang around for the final act, I was too exhausted.
A lot of fun though on what turned into an absolute scorcher of an afternoon in Barney.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Football

Nathan played his first ever football match this morning. Barnard Castle under 14's Vs Newton Aycliffe.
First time I've ever been to a kids game. A few surprises, first has to be that they have 3 halves? Nathan came off for the second half to let a sub play but told me he was going back on for the 3rd half???and sure enough, he did. They played 3 x 25-30 min halves.
Second thing of note was how good the game was. The kids seemed to get better and better the tireder they got. I think because they stopped running around so much and started passing more, lining up shots.
This all took place at Green lane Primary School, just down the road from me.
Unfortunately Barney lost 8-3, but for a first game he really enjoyed himself.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I went back to Egglestone Abbey this weekend. It was my 3rd attempt to try and photograph it. I found out that the famous painter Turner had also been there, his drawing is above. It looks a little different now, but not much. The house you can see in the foreground is still there, and in fact a friend of mine used to own it.
The tiny little bridge on the right is also still there but hidden behind a bigger one. The farm house on top of the hill has a few neighbors with it, but on the whole it is very still that same Turneresque landscape.
I tried some Infra red photography this time of the Abbey.

Bowes FC

Football season started today!
In Barney anyway.
We went to see the local Bowes FC. They are in The Crook & District League, whatever that is?
These are the guys we had met at the open sports day at the Cricket Club.
It's a small world, the manager, Geoff, works for Glaxo, same as me, and one of the players was my son's footie coach.
It was a superb game, Bowes beat West Aukland 6-1! 
It's a funny set-up though. No admission charge, just turn up. We got there early enough to see the players just standing around peeing everywhere...I kid you not, there are no loo's so they just go wherever they are, it was a bizarre sight.
I just need to find there fixture list now. i asked one of the players at the end when they were home next and he had no idea.
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