Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Football

Nathan played his first ever football match this morning. Barnard Castle under 14's Vs Newton Aycliffe.
First time I've ever been to a kids game. A few surprises, first has to be that they have 3 halves? Nathan came off for the second half to let a sub play but told me he was going back on for the 3rd half???and sure enough, he did. They played 3 x 25-30 min halves.
Second thing of note was how good the game was. The kids seemed to get better and better the tireder they got. I think because they stopped running around so much and started passing more, lining up shots.
This all took place at Green lane Primary School, just down the road from me.
Unfortunately Barney lost 8-3, but for a first game he really enjoyed himself.

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