Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bowes FC

Football season started today!
In Barney anyway.
We went to see the local Bowes FC. They are in The Crook & District League, whatever that is?
These are the guys we had met at the open sports day at the Cricket Club.
It's a small world, the manager, Geoff, works for Glaxo, same as me, and one of the players was my son's footie coach.
It was a superb game, Bowes beat West Aukland 6-1! 
It's a funny set-up though. No admission charge, just turn up. We got there early enough to see the players just standing around peeing everywhere...I kid you not, there are no loo's so they just go wherever they are, it was a bizarre sight.
I just need to find there fixture list now. i asked one of the players at the end when they were home next and he had no idea.
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