Monday, June 23, 2014

Beamish Museum

We finally took a trip to Beamish Museum. So many people have mentioned it as a must see. It costs about £40 for a family ticket, but you can go back free for a year in that price.
It's called a 'living museum' and very similar to the Welsh St Fagans, except it's about 5 times the size. So big you have to hop on one of the free trams/trains/buses that frequently travel past when your feet start to get tired.
It really did live up to the expectation. Everything is accessible. You walk down a street from history, you can enter the shops, speak to the proprietors, leave the shops, pass some houses, visit the dentists, the farms, even the small gardens at the back of the houses.
It's also a photographers dream. I was told you would need a full day+ and they were right. There is so much to see, we just scratched the surface.

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