Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Meet

It's the big weekend for Barnard Castle. An event called 'The Meet'. We weren't here last year so missed it then. So far rain has stopped some of the events. Last night it was tipping it down so we didn't go to the Bowes Vs Barney veterans Football Match. Shame.
Today there was also some sort of mix up, there was supposed to be a huge boot sale. As you can see from the picture below, 3 cars is not a huge boot sale!

At 2 this afternoon however, rain or not, an event called 'Not The Boat Race' took place and was great fun. It's a makeshift boat race from the main stone bridge into Barney to the next bridge down the river. The Rugby Club had 3 entries, I also spotted one of the Bowes Footie team, but a friend from work won it in the pictures directly below.

There's a few more events planned, and if the weather holds off I'll add some more.

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